Why Clients Are Choosing Me For Their Realtor

1. "We are very grateful for the assistance Su provided while we moved from our home of 26 years into an assisted living home. The move and sale of our home were complicated. Su helped us with our decision-making and actual physical move. She was attentive to our needs and offered helpful advice. We highly recommend her to others." ~ P. and C. Weldy

2. "Su is quite knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone I know who is buying or selling property in Tucson. I am very satisfied with her services. I feel she helped immensely in getting the requested repairs completed in a timely manner so escrow could close without delay. As I was out of state for almost the entire real estate transaction I felt she was very capable in handling all the requirements to complete the sale of my property." ~ L. G., California


3. "I first met Su when in 2013 she joined a Meetup Group, Tucson Women Bloggers, which I founded here in Tucson and through which I train and encourage women business owners and writers to use and share the latest tech to their advantage. She has been an active core member for over five years.

She is so personable and energetic that I am sure she will charm her clients. She is honest and ethical. Having known her for several years in both professional and personal situations I have no qualms recommending her to friends who need to resize or reassess their own or their elders’ living situations.

The other trait of which you need to be aware is her dedication to detail. I have been impressed with Su’s continued study, credentialing, and appetite for information. I’m sure this will help her remain current and provide cutting edge solutions based on sound information. Most people I’ve met in life, even when I worked in libraries before starting my own company, simply do not want to put in the effort necessary to learning. Su seems to rejoice in learning both about processes and people.

It is with great confidence that I provide personal reference for Su Swanne; she is a dependable and honorable person of integrity."


Nancy Hill, Founding Director

Women’s Legacy Project/

Hill Research Serviceswomenslegacyproject.com

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